Thanks for checking out my art!
I'm Felix (Tiko), a student and insatiable doodler from the UK. I post my art on Twitter and my Telegram channel.
Regular streams will be resuming soon!

Check out my commission information below!
Forms always open and aren't first come first served - I tend to start new work around the 1st of each month.
I also open flash sales via social media - keep an eye out!

Contact Me

Before you get in touch - if you are wanting to commission me, please check out this page first.
I accept commissions through my form.
However, if you don't want to read through all that, you're very welcome to contact me instead.

+ You can contact my art manager via Twitter or Discord. Please go to him for any commission enquiries - messages sent to me instead may be missed or not answered promptly.If you want to talk to me directly, I can be contacted via:
+ hello@tiko.town
+ My Twitter DMs
+ my Telegram
+ If you would prefer to talk via Discord please contact me with your info.
Please don't send vague messages! Let us know what you'd like to talk about.
I am not contactable via fA notes.

Commission Tiko

  • Please note, I may require payment before starting the sketch!

  • If you need your art done by a certain date - a birthday, for example - just ask!

Click the corkboards to view examples. More options can be found on my price list, and in my other gallery folders.I offer these types in different styles (hence the varied pricing), outlined here.Thank you for your interest!

Style Options

I offer my work in a polished, tidy "style", or a looser, faster one. The difference is outlined below.

Painterly Art - New

Most of my commissioned art is drawn in a "clean" style.
I am developing a new "painterly" option. Please only choose if you are looking for messier, more experimental art!
Currently this style is only available as it is shown below, in full colour.

Reference Sheet Commissions

This page is for prices. You can find examples of my reference sheet work here and my custom design work here. Feel free to skip the below section and ask for a quote instead!
I put a lot of love and time into reference sheets. I enjoy working on large, complex pieces.

That being said, reference sheets are entirely custom - you can have any art you like on yours.
This means any layout and level of complexity too. Happy to make fursuit refs, design refs, non-furry characters and so on. Anything your heart desires :)
Details like name, notes and palette are free.
Very complex designs may incur an extra fee. I offer character design & re-design for an extra fee.
To calculate an initial price estimate for your ref sheet idea, add together the prices of the art you would like on it. You can use my quote calculator. Below this section are a few examples.
Please get in touch for a quote if you are at all unsure.
For reference sheet commissions, I'm happy to discuss discounts - especially if your reference is a larger project with many elements.

Pricing Examples

For a reference with the following in clean line-art:+ Front and back view full-bodies: £110 each
+ 2 headshot expressions: £23 each
+ 3 outfit chibis: £29 each 30% off for 3+
+ 5-10 simple items: roughly £30
= £282

Thank you for reading through.
Reference sheets are big projects but always a pleasure to work on - I appreciate the interest and look forward to seeing your ideas!

YCH Commissions

Thank you for your interest! This page isn't linked directly due to Twitter's algorithm.
You can find the current queues on Trello - the forms are linked below and also on Trello.

Socks & Boxers - Closed

any species, any expression nude/paws/adult versions available, optional tail wag